Updates from
the Associate Vice President for IT and CIO

March 2017


New reporting platform delivers student information dashboards to academic departments: In February, 250 faculty and staff in academic departments throughout the University gained access to seven dashboards in the new Student Information Analytics (SIA) system to track and analyze data regarding student enrollments, registrations, and majors and minors. Faculty and staff who work with students or are responsible for academic programs now have the ability to easily track and analyze relevant student data without the need to develop complex queries, download and massage data in a spreadsheet, or request custom reports. SIA complements the Academic Information System (AIS) by providing standard dashboards, reports, and analytics on enrollment, registration, and degrees in a single, user-friendly platform. The Business Information Services (BIS) team in IT Services is collaborating with the the offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Bursar to develop and rollout dashboards, and to train users to leverage the new platform effectively.

Urban Labs cleared to process confidential research data:
Urban Labs completed the implementation of critical cyber security and data privacy controls needed to address risks associated with working on the confidential data of large numbers of people. The work in Urban Labs demonstrates how other University research activities involving large sets of personal confidential data can meet security and liability obligations using the new University Edition Cyber Security and Data Privacy Policies. Urban Labs, the University’s chief information security officer, and Office of Legal Counsel have been working since summer 2016 to implement cyber security and data privacy controls and procedures sufficient to meet contractual and regulatory obligations—and to develop an overall policy framework and practice—that will ultimately benefit other University research activities with similar needs.

New version of EHS system deployed to provide better safety-related support:
A new version of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Assistant went into production February 2017 to help several offices on campus improve their management and reporting of safety-related risks and issues. The Office of Research Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, and the Office of Biological Safety all use EHS Assistant to track and document laboratory inspections; track training, hazard assessment, incident and near miss reporting; and manage chemical inventories.

Significant progress on network performance and security enhancements for research, teaching, and learning:
Networks in nearly 20% of the buildings across the University have been upgraded to offer up to 10x faster connectivity. The new network is more resilient, simplifies end-user connectivity, and greatly increases the University’s ability to defend connected systems from a variety of external security threats. A project that is a part of the Next Generation Network initiative, this effort is aimed at upgrading network performance throughout the University for the wired connectivity of personal computers and other devices. All of these capabilities support the ever increasing utilization of the network in support of research, teaching, and learning.

New advancement reporting tracks pledges to cash fulfillment:
The Business Information Services (BIS) team in IT Services worked with business and data analysts in Alumni Relations and Development (ARD) to provide 300 administrative users from ARD the ability to run 10 special reports on pledge schedules from the Arthur Data Warehouse. These reports analyze donor pledges and fulfillment rates by calculating the amount of money expected to be collected versus pledged amounts. These reports streamline the forecasting process by providing ARD the ability to quickly review the status of fundraising efforts and obtain an overall picture of the fundraising progress. Arthur has previously delivered powerful dashboards and reporting packages for fundraising progress, prospect, and entity analysis.


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