ITS Recognition

Our people are the ones who make all the difference in IT Services and many of them go above and beyond to delight the members of the UChicago community. We know it is important to recognize both individual and group excellence.

To do this, we established several ways to recognize staff for their contributions.

Star Awards

ITS Stars are team members who were recognized by ITS Leadership and/or their colleagues for exceptional work performed. This program recognizes those individuals and/or informal or formal teams that have made a positive impact on the University community. Nominations can be made by anyone, whether an ITS employees or a member of the University community, using our nomination form. For this process,

  • Submissions will be sent to HR for review and approval to ensure eligibility requirements.
  • Once approved, the manager of recipient will be notified.
  • A trophy and certificate will be given to the colleague that made the nomination, so they will deliver it to the recipient.
Service Awards

Service Awards recognize those staff who, based on their benefits eligibility date, have achieved 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of service to the University.

  • At the end of the calendar year, Human Resource Services (HRS) determines the number of staff members who have reached a service milestone and provides names and service anniversary dates to unit administrators to verify accuracy.
  • IT Services staff are recognized for these achievements in the annual ITS Holiday Party. Those staff who have reached significant milestones of 20 and greater years of service are asked to join their Senior and Executive Directors in receiving their service pin publicly, while others are recognized by having their names read as they stand.
  • Additionally, the University hosts the annual Staff Service Recognition Reception to honor staff who in the prior year achieved a service milestone of 25 years or greater.
Services Excellence Awards

IT Services Excellence Awards are an annual recognition program. 30 team members are selected by Senior Leadership Team and Directors group.

  • Awardees are team members that have had a broad impact on IT Services, on the University of Chicago, or nationally, regardless of their position in the organization over the past year.
Operational Excellence Award

The IT Services Operational Excellence Award is an annual recognition of a team that “leads through ‘getting it done.'”

  • This award, presented as a trophy at the annual Holiday Party, is given to recognize a behind-the-scenes group in ITS that may not be customarily in the limelight yet has made a significant contribution to the work of ITS, University, or community in a year’s review.
Constellation Award

The IT Services Constellation Award is an annual recognition of a team that “understands we are greater than the sum of our parts.”

  • This award, presented as a trophy at the Holiday Party, is given to the group most recognized in the calendar year that has worked with other teams in ITS toward a common good.

Staff can visit the IT Services internal website to see past winners.