Identity and Access Management

Want to log into the network? Need a UChicago ID card? Want to access services provided by ITS or other units and divisions across campus? Identity and Access Management is here to help.

2Factor Authentication

2Factor Authentication (2FA) allows University of Chicago employees to enhance the security of their CNetID by using their phone, tablet, or other device to verify their identities when accessing University applications.

Authentication Services

IT Services provides a variety of ways for you to leverage our credentials (CNetID & CNet Password) for your service.

Carding Services

The Carding Office issues cards to eligible members of the campus community for identification, building and library access, dining services, transportation, and more.

Group Management

The UCGroups service helps you create and maintain institutional groups in a central repository.

Online Directory

The Online Directory houses basic information about people associated with the University. Log in with your CNetID to see additional information and to access more robust search tools.

Trusted Agent Program

The Trusted Agent Program (TAG) provides limited authority to departments and divisions to grant access to services that use the CNetID for authentication. Find the Trusted Agent for your area.

How do I get Support?

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Description of Services

Services related to authentication, access, role-based provisioning, etc. Access to many systems is provided automatically based on your relationship with the University of Chicago.  This is automatically provisioned when an eligible person successfully creates a CNetID credential and password. For more information, see the entry in the ITS services catalog.