Photo of a person holding a phone in front off a laptop


Jabber is a softphone application on your computer and/or mobile device that allows you to make, receive, and manage calls; check your voicemail; and use other voice services using your University phone extension.

Please note: Not all features will be enabled within the University of Chicago Jabber service.

Do not use Jabber to Place Emergency (911 or 9-911) Calls

IT Services does not recommend using Jabber to place emergency calls. The use of Jabber’s softphone feature during an emergency is not supported and is at your own risk. 

  • The softphone technology may not provide sufficient voice quality or location data for emergency calls.
  • Calls may be directed to a local, regional, or national 911 call center that will not have your location information.
  • Phone GPS gives emergency responders only an ‘approximate’ address location (within 300 feet of the mobile device) and will not show floor location if you are in a multi-story building or a basement.

When making an emergency phone call from a mobile phone, please remember:

  • Tell the 911 operator your name and location information.
  • Provide information on the room number, floor, and quadrant of the building you are in to help emergency responders locate you.


How do I get support?

Need help with Jabber? Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base or contact the IT Services Service Desk