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Training Tips

Training tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the wide array of useful technologies and services available at the University of Chicago.


Training Tip: Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Once you have your Zoom account set up, you can begin hosting meetings. You can schedule Zoom meetings three different ways: with the Zoom Client for Meetings app, Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, or by accessing your Zoom account through a web browser.

When you schedule your meeting consider if you’d like to assign an alternative host, let guests join before you arrive, or if you want to enable video. By checking these settings before the meeting, you will ensure a smooth session.

For detailed instructions, visit the Zoom Scheduling FAQ.




Training Tip: Access Your Zoom Account

Zoom is the University’s audio, web, and video conferencing solution. If you are new to Zoom and haven’t accessed your account yet, you will need to log in using your browser from one of these UChicago websites:

After logging in, you can download the Zoom Client for Meetings app, which will allow you to run Zoom from your computer. This is the preferred method for using Zoom.

*UChicago Medicine users without a CNetID may log in using their UCHADID; if you’re a new UChicago Medicine user, please wait at least two business days from the time you receive your email and CNet to claim your Zoom account.




Training Tip: Protect Your Devices from the Cold

It’s January in Chicago and that brings many days with below freezing temperatures. In addition to keeping yourself warm, you should take extra care of your electronic devices. Most devices are designed to work between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0-35 degrees Celsius). Here are a few tips for protecting your electronic devices from the cold:

  • Don’t leave your phone or laptop in your car for an extended period of time even if it’s inside a bag or insulated cover.
  • Let your device warm up to room temperature before turning it on.
  • If your mobile phone shuts off, leave it off until you can bring it back up to room temperature.

For information about using iOS devices in the cold, refer to Keeping iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch within acceptable operating temperatures. Also read Top Cold-Weather Tips for Laptops.






Training Tip: Polish Your Skills with Free LinkedIn Learning Courses

Did you resolve to learn more this year? LinkedIn Learning at UChicago is a free service for the entire UChicago community that offers over 16,000 courses in business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Choose from top courses to supplement your classes like Microsoft Excel, Python, or R. Enroll in a course to develop your soft skills or to prepare you for a professional certification. As you complete courses, the tool will personalize your learning path. If you choose the audio-only mode, you can even learn on the go.

LinkedIn Learning at UChicago requires a valid CNetID and password. All current UChicago faculty, students, staff, and employees of UCMC are eligible to use the service.

Activate your account today and log in with your CNetID and password. To learn more about the resources that LinkedIn Learning offers, visit the LinkedIn Learning website.





Training Tip: Connect to UChicago Wi-Fi

Did you get a new mobile device or laptop over the holidays? When you’re back on campus, make sure to connect to the University wireless network called uchicago-secure. You may notice other Wi-Fi networks that include “uchicago” in the name. Be aware that uchicago-secure, eduroam, and uchicago-guest are the only University-supported networks, and they provide secure, reliable internet access.

For instructions on connecting to uchicago-secure, view Wireless Network Access at the University of Chicago.




Training Tip: Change Your Display Name

As University of Chicago faculty and staff, you can change the name that appears in the University directory and Outlook. For example, if you have a preferred name that is different than your legal name, you can change it yourself by following the instructions. There are also video instructions to guide you through the process.