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Training tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the wide array of useful technologies and services available at the University of Chicago. Check out IT Services on Twitter every Tuesday for the latest #TrainingTipTuesday.


Training Tip: Secure Your Browser

Web browsers offer a number of convenient features that make finding, saving, and sharing information faster and more hassle-free than ever. However, some of these features may pose a security risk.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your privacy isn’t compromised:

  • Review your browser security settings to make sure you are protected.
  • Do not allow your browser to save passwords for you.
  • Be wary of browser syncing features, especially if you use shared or public computers.
  • Do not enable autocomplete features for web forms.
  • Use a secure browser and keep it up to date.

For more information on how to keep your browser secure, visit the IT Security website.




Training Tip: Stay Connected to Campus with cVPN

Whether you’re working from home or across the country, the University of Chicago virtual private network (cVPN) provides faculty, students, and staff with secure access to University network resources as if you were on campus. cVPN is used to remotely access resources that are not available from off-campus locations.

To download cVPN, visit and log in your CNetID and password. There are detailed instructions available for Windows 10, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


Training Tip: Protect Your Devices from the Cold

The weather forecast for the Chicago area is well below freezing this week, and most electronic devices are designed to work between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0-35 degrees Celsius). In addition to keeping yourself warm, here are a few tips for taking care of your electronic devices:

  • Don’t leave your phone or laptop in your car for an extended period of time even if it’s inside a bag or insulated cover.
  • Let your device warm up to room temperature before turning it on.
  • If your mobile phone shuts off, leave it off until you can bring it back up to room temperature.

For information on protecting your iOS devices, refer to Keeping iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch within acceptable operating temperatures. Also read Top Cold-Weather Tips for Laptops.

Training Tip: Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connection Issues

When you are having trouble connecting to the University’s Wi-Fi networks (uchicagosecure, eduroam, or uchicago), there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Turn Wi-Fi off and then back on again.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Remove the Wi-Fi network from your preferred networks list, then reconnect. View detailed instructions for Mac and iOS or Windows 10.

If those steps don’t work, contact IT Services for support.

Training Tip: Become a Microsoft Teams Master

If you’re new to using Teams, Microsoft shared a series of tips and tricks to help you increase your focus time, collaborate better with others, and stay organized.

View the blog to learn how to turn on the Do Not Disturb setting, use rich text editing to customize your posts, search within your team, and more helpful features and functions.

Training Tip: Start the New Year with a New Skill

Happy New Year! If you set a resolution to learn a new skill, is here to help you achieve your goal. Courses on offer the chance to learn a new computer programming language, enhance your proficiency with a software available at UChicago, or even study for the GRE.

Log in to Lynda at UChicago with your CNetID and password, and search for courses to get started.

Training Tip: Share Your Schedule with Outlook

As University staff and instructors, you may be working through these last few weeks of the year. Let your colleagues know when you’re available by sharing your Outlook calendar.

There are several ways to share your Outlook calendar, and you can customize your permissions to share your free/busy status or provide more details on appointments in your calendar. Find instructions for the Outlook (Windows), Outlook on the Web, and Outlook for Mac.

Training Tip: Check Your Voicemail Off Campus

With the Autumn Quarter coming to an end, you may be planning to head off campus. With the University’s voicemail system, you can keep up with your messages from any phone or online.

When you’re away from your desk phone, you can access your voicemail from any campus or non-University phone. View the instructions in the article Access and Manage Your Voicemail.

From your computer, you can also log in to the IP Phone Call Manager to set your voicemail greetings, your PIN, and to retrieve messages. If you do not have access to the online call manager, please contact IT Services at 773.702.5800 to set it up.

For more information on voicemail settings and features for your University phone number, view Voicemail Quick Tips.

Training Tip: Access Your Phone with Single Number Reach

Winter has arrived to the University of Chicago campus, and you may find yourself working from home due to inclement weather. In addition to connecting to campus online, you can also stay connected to your UChicago phone.

With most University phones, you can use the single number reach feature to answer incoming calls to your UChicago extension simultaneously on your desk phone and a remote destination, such as a mobile phone. To learn more about this feature, view the Mobility Service Description FAQ.

To set up and manage your phone settings, view the single number reach instructions.