June 8 Update to Single Sign-On

The University will transition to a new single sign-on service on June 8, 2022.

On June 8, you will see a new login screen when logging in to University applications that use single sign-on on. Like the current Shibboleth single sign-on service, you will be prompted to enter your CNetID and password and complete two-factor authentication with Duo to access applications like Box, Zoom, and Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the application login process change?

The single sign-on login page will look different, but the experience will be similar. You will still enter your CNetID or UCMEDID and password and complete two-factor authentication when prompted.

Does this change affect all University applications?

The majority of University applications connected to single sign-on will switch to the new service with the new login screen on June 8. The following services will use the Shibboleth single sign-on service for a period of time after that date:

Will this change affect my two-factor authentication (2FA) settings?

No, the new single sign-on service will not impact your 2FA settings.

Note: The first time that you are prompted to log in to the service, you will see a screen that indicates that you need to set up multifactor authentication. This step is necessary to connect your existing Duo settings with the new single sign-on service. This will not change anything about your Duo setup.

Screen shot of Okta Duo prompt

Select Setup and authenticate to Duo (which will use your registered devices); after authenticating successfully, you can access the application.

Why is IT Services making this change?

IT Services is making this change to offer more features for the University community and to make it easier for new University applications to use single sign-on in the future.

Who do I contact with questions?

Contact IT Services at itservices@uchicago.edu or 773.702.5800.