Use of Domain Names

IT Services does not allow top level domains other than .org to point into the University name or address space. For example, pointing at or at is not allowed. We require that all .org subdomain names pointing into the University address or name space be approved by IT Services. This is subject to the following limitations and requirements.

The activity or service to which the .org domain pertains must represent a non-profit, non-commercial academic agency, institute, or program closely, officially, and permanently affiliated with the University of Chicago. We require written confirmation from the Dean or Officer responsible for the group requesting the .org subdomain. The letter should describe the service/site referenced by the domain name, verifying that it is an “official activity” of the division and that the division or administrative unit will accept responsibility for it.

The web site must not contain any advertising in its pages, including sponsor logos and advertising. The requesting organization must agree to abide by the University of Chicago appropriate use policies for information technology. The subdomain name should be obtained from a domain registrar by the requesting organization, with all costs and billing to be handled by the requesting organization. The subdomain technical contact must be a member of the requesting organization and a full-time benefits eligible employee of the University. The name, contact info, and email address of the technical contact must be provided to IT Services and kept current. The management of the site must remain within requesting group.

We will handle a maximum of ten host names per domain where pointing at is considered a single host name.

Final authority for approving requests is held by the Chief Information Officer of the University.

IT Services reserves the right to modify or discontinue .org connections.

Category: Networking
Policy Owner: tbarton