Zoom Features


  • Join meetings easily from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Click a button to quickly add Zoom to your Outlook meetings.
  • Record meetings and classes locally or to the cloud. Recordings saved to the cloud can be transcribed and searchable using Zoom’s beta transcription feature.
  • Enjoy enhanced collaboration features: screen sharing, participant polling, chat, real-time annotation of documents, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms.
  • Add Zoom meetings to your classes on Canvas for virtual office hours and student study groups.
  • Zoom offers exceptional video and audio quality for meetings and classes, in compliance with FERPA/HIPAA requirements.

Once your account is set up, you can log in to Zoom for easy accessibility and collaboration.

Account Log In Options

Individual Accounts


Group Accounts

Zoom Recordings and Resources

Medical Center and Biological Sciences Division

New UChicago Medicine and BSD Zoom Users: View recorded webinar.

UChicago Medicine Help Desk: View the Zoom HelpDesk Training recording.

Topics (HIPAA-compliant environment):

  • General Help Desk Concepts
  • Client Support
  • Related technical concepts
Additional Resources
Desktop Support and Engineers

ITS Desktop Support: view recorded webinar.

Topics include the following:

  • general Help Desk concepts
  • client support
  • related technical concepts


ITS Desktop Engineers: view recorded webinar.

Topics covered include installing and distributing plug-ins and related software and applications.


Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can attend Zoom meetings and webinars?
  • With UChicago Zoom licenses, up to 500 people can attend meetings in Zoom. 
  • Student accounts can host up to 300 participants.
  • For meetings with more than 500 attendees or if you need to host a webinar, please contact the Service Desk at 773.702.5800 to set up a consultation.
Who can host and attend meetings and webinars?


  • Anyone can attend meetings, including individuals outside of the University.
  • Faculty, staff, and students with Zoom accounts can host meetings.

Webinars (one speaker to many attendees)

  • Anyone can attend webinars, including individuals outside of the University.
  • Faculty and staff can host webinars; please contact the Service Desk to schedule a consultation (UChicago maintains separate licenses for Webinars). 

Special Considerations for UChicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Division (BSD) Staff

University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Division staff that may have access to PHI or HIPAA data – also known as Health Care Component (HCC) – received approval to use Zoom with some modifications.

  • Training requirement: To access Zoom, faculty, staff, students, sponsored, and departmental accounts in the HCC will be required to take a short (10-minute) online training about security requirements. The training can be completed before the official Zoom rollout.

  • Recordings: Faculty, staff, and departmental accounts can record Zoom meetings, but only to their computer’s hard drive (cloud recording is not available for security reasons).

  • Review additional modifications made for Zoom for HCC.
What can I use to join and host Zoom online meetings or webinars?

You can use a Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chromebook computer, iOS or Android app, telephone, or video conferencing room system to join Zoom meetings and webinars. Read more about system requirements for Zoom.

Are there interactive features in Zoom?

The options for interaction in Zoom include the following:


  • Initiate virtual breakout sessions: meeting participants can be randomly placed in breakout rooms to hold small-group discussions.
  • Poll attendees: see responses to questions you pose in real time.
  • Group messaging.
  • Screen share documents, photos, and video clips.
  • Simultaneous screen sharing.
  • Annotation and co-annotation.
  • Whiteboarding.
What are the differences between WebEx and Zoom?

The WebEx and Zoom interfaces are similar. For more information, view a comparison of the two services, including how to set up, connect, record meetings, and more.

How do I get support?

Need help with Zoom? Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base, Zoom’s robust help site, or contact the ITS Conferencing Team.