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Electronic mail (email) messages delivered to University email addresses are part of an important service that is used to conduct official business as well as personal business. IT Services strives to protect the core missions of the University, which are education and research. As such, when an email message or an email server interferes with or endangers those core purposes, action will be taken to mitigate that danger. Thus, the University reserves the right to not deliver messages that it deems to be potentially dangerous or to alter those messages to eliminate that potential.

Email messages that might be altered or not delivered include those falling into the following categories:

  • Email sent from a server that does not comply with email delivery specifications and standards.
  • Email that appears to be spam or unsolicited commercial email (UCE).
  • Email containing a virus.
  • Email containing executable attachments.
  • Email containing attachments that cannot be scanned.

The University will not notify either the sender or recipient of a failure to deliver in the case of messages that appear to be spam or potential malevolent software (malware).

Category: Email
Expiration Date: August 15, 2014
Policy Owner: tbarton