About Us

Believe it or not, IT Services isn’t run by machines; it’s run by people. Energetic, creative, enthusiastic people from diverse backgrounds with a wide set of skills deliver value to UChicago each and every day. From senior leadership to student employees (and at every layer in between), people are the most important asset.

Our Mission

IT Services collaborates with campus partners to support the mission of the University of Chicago through the consistent delivery of high quality technology solutions and services.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We provide secure, stable, and reliable infrastructure and applications to support the mission of the University.
  • We support and enable faculty research and teaching with the effective use of technology.
  • We simplify the technology experience for faculty, students, alumni, and staff, and we ensure technology is mobile-friendly and accessible.
  • We identify, manage, and mitigate the technology risks of the University.

Our Leadership

Kevin Boyd serves as the chief information officer (CIO) at the University of Chicago. For the last six years, he has been the Executive Director and Chief Information Officer for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. As CIO, a core part of Kevin’s role is overseeing Information Technology Services, the University’s largest single IT operation. IT Services is responsible for the planning and operations of many of UChicago’s largest and most widely utilized IT systems and services. Leading the various units of IT Services are the members of the IT Services senior leadership team. Together with the CIO, the IT Services senior leadership team supports more than 250 talented and hard-working staff members, who endeavor every day to meet and exceed the expectations of the University.

Learn more about the CIO and the IT Services senior leadership team and browse updates on noteworthy initiatives, projects, and milestones from throughout UChicago IT.

Our Core Values



• We explain the decisions we make.
• We clarify expectations and share opportunities.
• We clarify and align roles and responsibilities.


• We assume good intent from others.
• We use good judgment to act, and we take responsibility for our actions.
• We give each other opportunities to learn and grow without fear of failure.


• We embrace diversity and inclusion.
• We encourage open dialogue.
• We support team decisions as our own.
• We are present and actively participate.
• We treat feedback as a gift; delivering it with care and receiving it with an open mind.

Our Units

IT Services is the University’s central technology provider, supporting voice, network, and computing systems for the University of Chicago community. The IT Allocation page provides descriptions of many of the tools and services provided and supported by IT Services to enable the academic, research, and administrative functions of the University.

The IT Services organizational structure on Box includes the following units and areas:

Many divisions and schools provide support locally to their constituencies. For information about these groups, see our Contact List for all local support units on campus.