Important Note: The TechBar is currently closed for in-person support, conferencing, and equipment lending. If you need to contact the IT Services Service Desk, you can reach out to them by phone at 773.702.3888.


Available Equipment

The following equipment is available free of charge to currently registered faculty, students, and staff. There is no cost for borrowing equipment, though there are fees for returning items late or damaged. Equipment that would be due after the TechBar closing is instead due one hour after opening the next day. 

Laptops and Tablets
Late Fees:
  • Tablets: Eight hours, $20/hr, $900/item if lost
  • Laptops (Mac and PC): Eight hours, $20/hr, $1500/item if lost
  • Power Adapter: Two hours, $10/hr, $90/item if lost
  • Video Adapter: Eight hours, $10/hr, $90/item if lost
  • Cables: Eight hours, $10/hr, $90/item if lost
  • Conference and video equipment: Eight hours, $20/hr, $2000 per item if lost

There is up to a $10 fee for lost bags/vinyl satchels, and an $80 fee for lost laptop cases.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that:

  • I will not be eligible for the lending program if I have $50 or more in outstanding library fines, or any lost items.
  • Any personal data saved on the item will be removed when the item is returned.
  • Laptops reset their configurations and remove personal data when rebooted or powered off.
  • I am responsible for any lost or damaged equipment fees.
  • If a device has multiple pieces or accessories, I am responsible for making sure they are all returned.
  • I will not drop any equipment off in a book drop-off slot. I may be fined a lost/damaged item fee if I return my item in this manner.
  • Lending is only available to currently registered faculty, students, and staff.
  • Items may only be returned to the TechBar, Regenstein circulation desk, or Regenstein entry control desk.
  • I may have three in-person renewals of an item. After three renewals, I must wait a minimum of one day before borrowing the same item type again. Renewals may be refused if an item is returned late or an item type is popular.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification.