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IT Services provides access to the University wireless network for visitors.

Visitor Network Access


Visitors from more than 6,000 educational institutions can use their IDs and passwords from their home institutions to get on the University of Chicago network by joining the Eduroam wireless network.


The Guest Wireless Network allows campus guests and visitors access to the wireless network. GuestNet accounts can be sponsored directly by University faculty and staff.

Trusted Agent

The University divisions and some departments and groups on campus have designated Trusted Agents who are authorized to provide varying levels of account privileges, ranging from longer Guest Network (GuestNet) access to account services that are comparable to that of University faculty, students, and staff. Eligibility for Trusted Agent services generally requires a defined relationship with the division, department, or group, e.g., contractors or collaborators. View the list of participating divisions, department, and groups with their corresponding Trusted Agent.