How can IT Services help you?

New Students

Before You Arrive on Campus

ID Card

The UChicago Card is the official University of Chicago identification card. All first-year undergraduates entering the College are required to upload a photo for their UChicago Card before arriving on campus. This is how you will access buildings, pay for meals, and use the UChicago library resources.

Note: Graduate students can pick up their UChicago Cards beginning July 5 at the ID & Privileges Office.


Create your username, called a CNetID, and set a secure password to access common UChicago services, like Canvas, UChicago Box, Microsoft 365, and UChicago G Suite.


Once you have claimed your CNetID, all official communication will be sent to your UChicago email address. Access your UChicago email account through Outlook within Microsoft 365. You can also forward your UChicago email address to another account. 

Campus Wireless Network

Set up your connection to the Eduroam wireless network for easy access to the network and your eligible applications and resources. Eduroam is a global wireless network that provides wireless access for more than 6,000 institutions across 89 countries. You never have to be without wireless network access while on campus or when visiting Eduroam-participating institutions.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) significantly enhances the security of your CNetID by using more than one device (typically a mobile phone) to verify your identity. 2FA prevents anyone but you from using your account to log in to secure University websites, even if they know your CNetID password. Please note: IT Services will never ask you for your password or DUO passcode over the phone, email, or via SMS. Please do not share this information with anyone.

Safe Computing

With so much of your personal and academic lives happening online, follow these tips to protect your devices and personal data.

Purchase Hardware

PC and Mac purchases for personal use are available to students under an agreement between the University and Apple and Dell. View recommended computers.

Software Licensing

IT Services provides students with free or reduced-cost access to a wide range of academic and productivity software, such as Microsoft 365 and Adobe Acrobat.

When You Are On Campus


IT Services provides help online, via email, or by phone at 773.702.5800 (2-5800).


Canvas is the University’s online environment where instructors and students can manage course materials and communication. Learn how to manage Zoom security settings for meetings scheduled in Canvas.


Get your free Box account to store and share files, communicate, and collaborate securely in the cloud.

G Suite

Use your free G Suite account to communicate and collaborate securely in the cloud.

Learn about Security

Visit our Network Security site to learn about how to protect yourself and your data.

Software for Students

If you didn’t take advantage of free or reduced-cost software for students before your arrival on campus, now is the time to get a wide range of academic and productivity software.

my.UChicago is the self-service portal for University students and staff in the Academic Information System.

Get cAlert

Update your contact information so you get critical alerts about major events on campus.