IT Matters: Urban Labs

January 2020

During this event, Kevin Boyd talked with four guests from Urban Labs. Urban Labs is comprised of five labs working to address challenges across five key dimensions of urban life: crime, education, health, poverty, and energy and environment. The guests shared their perspectives on the importance and role of institutions like the University of Chicago in research and how information technology helps Urban Labs with their research.

About the Speakers

Martin Barron is the Director of Data and Analysis for the University of Chicago's Crime and Education Labs. Martin leads a team of 25 research analysts and data scientists in their work on over 50 simultaneous research projects aimed to address some of Chicago’s most pressing social problems.

Jackson Reimer is a Project Associate for the Energy and Environment Lab, where he provides support on its projects related to water conservation and its portfolio with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Leoson Hoay is a Research Analyst supporting the data modeling and analytics needs of the various projects in the Health Lab.

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