Trusted Agent Program Standard


  1. An administrative or academic unit of the University of Chicago may be approved to join the Trusted Agent (TAG) program by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). When approved, the unit’s dean or head shall be designated as the TAG Approver. The TAG Approver may then designate a Trusted Agent to act on behalf of the unit. The TAG Approver is accountable for the accuracy and legitimacy of the accounts that are created by the Trusted Agent.
  2. The TAG Approver and all TAGs must be full time, benefits-eligible staff or faculty of the University and must sign the confidentiality agreement at
  3. All other University regulations, guidelines, rules, and policies apply. The Trusted Agent Program must not be used to provide services to those people whose privileges have been explicitly revoked by any University governing body. Similarly, groups of people whose affiliations are explicitly barred from services are ineligible to receive them through this program.
  4. The TAG program is a short-term solution and should be used to offer services for the shortest duration necessary. The TAG program must only be used to grant services needed for furthering the University’s mission.
  5. The granting of TAG services to a particular person is contextual and not all individuals, even those with similar circumstances, may qualify for services. Further, the granting of TAG services does not confer a direct relationship with the University, unless identified by Human Resources, the Provost’s Office, or the Registrar’s Office as members of the University community.
  6. IT Services will maintain records of all TAG account creations. IT Services reserves the right to audit any part of the TAG program at any time. Audits will be performed in order to provide support to the Trusted Agent, maintain accuracy of information, and ensure the security of our systems.
  7. IT Services reserves the right to revoke TAG program membership or TAG services in situations where abuse or misuse has occurred.

Any questions about this standard or the TAG program should be directed to

Category: Account and Identity
Expiration Date: August 22, 2020
Owner: Leilani Lauger