The Trusted Agent (TAG) Program provides account services under three options:

Option 1: Pre-Feed Accounts for Faculty and Staff
This option provides advance account services to eligible faculty and staff, until authoritative information to verify official University status is received from the University’s Human Resources Management, Office of the Provost, or by “special feeds.”

Option 2: Temporary Account Services for Short-Term Associations to the University
Under this option, temporary account services are created for individuals who are not eligible for permanent account services, but require them because they will carry out University business for/with the University.

Option 3: Meeting ID
This option provides very short-term wireless network access to large groups of people about which very little is known.

Individuals who fit into Option 2 but who require services beyond the program’s time allotment may not necessarily receive services through the TAG Program. These cases will be reviewed on an ad hoc basis by the TAG Program Working Group.

Terms of Use

  1. The Dean/Head of a Department is invited to join the TAG program by the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO). Other organizations whose needs are not fulfilled by this policy may request services by sending email to A Dean/Head may designate a proxy, the Trusted Agent, to administer the program. However, the Dean/Head is accountable for the accuracy and legitimacy of the accounts that are created by the Trusted Agent, and is ultimately responsible for the activities of that Trusted Agent, and of those who receive TAG services through that department/division.
  2. All other University regulations, guidelines, rules, and policies apply. The Trusted Agent Program must not be used to provide services to those people whose privileges have been explicitly revoked by any University governing body. Similarly, groups of people whose affiliations are explicitly barred from services are ineligible to receive them through this program.
  3. The TAG program is a short-term solution, and is used to offer services for the shortest duration necessary. Typically, this is from one day up to four consecutive 90-day periods. Cases where recipients of TAG services will need those services beyond this duration will be handled on an ad hoc basis.
  4. The granting of TAG services to a particular person does not imply an automatic provision of services to everyone who holds the same credentials. Further, the granting of TAG services does not confer a direct relationship with the University, unless identified by HRM, the Provost’s Office, or the Registrar’s Office as members of the University community.
  5. IT Services will maintain records of all TAG account creations. IT Services reserves the right to audit these accounts and the administration process at any time. Audits will be performed in order to provide support to the Trusted Agent, maintain accuracy of information, and ensure the security of our systems.
  6. When warranted, a Trusted Agent may revoke privileges on accounts he/she has created by submitting a request to IT Services.
  7. IT Services reserves the right to revoke Trusted Agent status if the continuance of service is deemed not in the best interest of the University.
  8. IT Services reserves the right to revoke privileges granted by the Trusted Agent if an audit indicates that an account has been used inappropriately.

Any questions about these terms, the TAG program, or group or departmental eligibility for TAG services should be directed to the TAG Program Working Group at

Category: Account and Identity
Expiration Date: August 15, 2014
Policy Owner: tamra