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Group Accounts

A Zoom group account is a single account that multiple members of a group can access to host and schedule meetings as needed. A shared Zoom account is named for a group rather than an individual person, for example, “Voice Team.” If the same person is not always available to host a meeting for your group, your department can request a shared Zoom group account. This also ensures the account will remain active if one person in the group leaves your department or the University.


UChicago group

Chicago Booth

Booth group

UChicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Division (BSD)

UChicago Medicine and BSD group

Troubleshooting Tip

If you previously logged in to the Zoom application through another Zoom domain (e.g., or a personal account) and you cannot log in, complete the following steps:

  • Click your profile picture or icon in the Zoom application and select “Sign Out”
  • When prompted to sign in again, select “Sign In with SSO”
  • Enter your department or group domain (see instructions above)
  • Enter your CNetID and password to complete log in


How do I get support?

Need help with Web Conferencing? Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base, Zoom’s robust help site, or contact the IT Services Service Desk.