Partner Support


IT Services Partner Support provides an enhanced level of service for key campus IT Partners.

What Is Partner Support?

  • A single point of contact for IT Partners to escalate issues and work to resolve technical or process issues, if traditional paths are ineffective.
  • Provides direct channels of communication, such as phone and email for use outside the scope of standard process
  • A way to build and grow increased trust between IT Services Support and campus IT partners and heighten collaboration.
  • Aims to achieve fewer escalations to executive leadership and a reduction in the duration of outages through timely communications during events.
  • Partner Support escalation includes 24 hour/7 days a week Command Center staff, who are empowered to accelerate technical issues through the IT Services Management chain.

How to Contact Partner Support

Incoming Communication: several modes of communication will be used for initiating contact, including:

  • Phone – a dedicated phone number provided to IT Partner leadership through the Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC).
  • Chat – a group chat with Partner Support staff (via Microsoft Teams), when a less formal communication is needed.

Outgoing Communication: the primary means of communication will be direct, either by phone or in person. Additional communication may be provided as follows (when necessary):

  • Mailing list for sharing changes or updates to the program.
  • Knowledge Base support articles.
  • outage updates.