Wireless Data Networking


Need to surf the web? Send email? Stream music or video? Connect to the UChicago network using your CNetID from (almost) anywhere on campus.

Get started with Wireless

Wireless connectivity to the campus network is widely available by authenticating with your CNetID and password. The University wireless network supports the 802.11b/g/n protocols, though we encourage you to use 802.11n for the best experience.

Guests access to the campus wireless network requires sponsorship by a full-time staff or faculty member. Guests from organizations participating in Eduroam may log on with their home institution’s credentials. For more information see the Wireless Overview Page and the entry in the ITS services catalog.

How do I get support?

The UChicago wireless network is for University Faculty, Students, and Staff and can be accessed from most University buildings. Two secure networks are available: “UChicago-Secure” and “Eduroam.” Check out our support documentation to learn more about the wireless network and for information on how to get connected.

Learn about UChicago's wireless network

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get connected to the wireless network?

We recommend connecting to either the “UChicago-Secure” or “Eduroam” network, using your CNetID and password. From your device’s network selection screen, choose the network you want to connect to; you will be prompted to enter your UChicago credentials. Once your identity is confirmed you’re ready to go!

Which network SSID should I use?

For the most secure connection to our network, we recommend using “UChicago-Secure” or “Eduroam.” You’re CNetID and password will be required for both. If you don’t have a CNetID, you can request one here.

Is there a way for guests to get on the network?

The University does have a guest network, but we require sponsorship by an approved University affiliate in order to connect. For more information on the “UChicago-Guest” network, please read our support documents.