Code42: A new Backup Service

Code42 is a workstation backup and recovery service now available to all divisional and unit IT.

Code42 continuously and securely saves copies of device data to the cloud, which allows for files to be quickly recovered in the event that a device breaks or is lost or stolen. This service also provides the opportunity to recover files that were inadvertently deleted. If your device is attacked with ransomware, a backup allows you to preserve your data.

Each unit has the opportunity to create and manage their independent organization within the central IT Services Code42 instance. The IT administrators in the divisional IT units receive full control to configure and manage both the administrative settings and client settings to best suit their divisional backup and recovery needs.

Service Features

  • Cloud-based workstation backup for end-user workstations (PC, Mac, and more)
  • Data protection in the event of lost or stolen devices
  • Document versioning – recover previous versions of a file
  • Continuous, incremental backup
  • Unlimited backup
  • Up to four devices per user
  • Data encrypted both on your device and while transmitted
  • FERPA and HIPAA compliant
  • Encryption keys unique to each user
  • Easy-to-use interface to manage backups and perform restores
  • Two-factor authentication using CNetID for secure access​

Roles & Responsibilities – IT Services / Divisional IT Partners

Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base to view the breakdown of ITS and Divisional IT Partner roles and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base for any questions about the Code42 service.

Rolling out Code42 to your unit?

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