IT Services provides you with with a multitude of resources designed to  support your success in your new role at the University of Chicago.

Before You Arrive


Create your username and password to access common UChicago services like UChicago Box, Google Apps, and Faculty Access.

ID Card

The UChicago Card is the official University of Chicago identification card. UChicago Cards are issued to all Faculty, Staff, Academic employees, and Students who are enrolled in credit programs. This is how you will access buildings and use the UChicago library resources.


Once you have claimed your CNetID, you will receive a UChicago email address where all official communication will be sent. Access your UChicago email account through Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, within the UChicago G Suite.

Safe Computing

Security and privacy concerns are of critical importance, especially with so much of your personal and academic lives happening online. Follow these tips to protect your devices and personal data.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) enhances the security of your CNetID by using a second device (typically a mobile phone) to verify your identity. This prevents anyone but you from using your account to log in to University websites, even if they know your CNetID password.

Configure cAlert

After claiming your CNetID, visit cAlert to update your preferred means of contact. The cAlert system is used to notify the University community of critical events on campus.

After You Arrive

Purchase Hardware

The University provides educational discounts on a variety of hardware for the campus community, including UChicago staff.


Canvas is the University’s online environment where instructors and students can manage course materials and communication.

G Suite

Get your free G Suite account to communicate and collaborate securely in the cloud.


Get your free Box account to store and share files, communicate, and collaborate securely in the cloud.


The campus wiki service offers an informal CNetID-protected, collaborative environment and easy-to-use document writing platform for individuals, committees, groups, departments, and organizations of all kinds.

Campus Wireless Network

Connect online to the campus wireless network using your CNetID to take advantage of all the University resources available.


IT Services provides audio, video, and web conferencing to enable to allow individuals to communicate and collaborate both within and outside the UChicago community and with each other.

Phone Service

Order a new phone or upgrade your existing phone.


Technology is likely to play a significant role in your time at the University. IT Services provides help online, in-person, via email, or by phone at 773.702.5800 (2-5800).


IT Services establishes license agreements with a range of vendors in order to provide the University community with reduced-cost access to academic and productivity tools.